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Top 7 Steps for Creating a Compelling Video

When it is a matter of creating compelling videos for social media, there is no unified formula that can be utilized. However, some core ingredients of success stay the same. This guide will dive deeper and explore how you can use some of these core ingredients to create compelling videos and generate maximum online traction. 

Repurposing Top Content 

If you are a business that already has an online presence, you will likely have a blog in place. Take a closer look at the content on your blog that performs exceptionally well, and then use it as a starting point for your videos. Creating videos, especially videos that are compelling, isn’t cheap. However, your job becomes just a bit easier when you repurpose your top content that has already been tested with an audience. Any blog content you have that is in the form of graphics/visuals or listicles that are easily digestible can be repurposed for high-quality video content. 

Social Video Scripts 

Thoroughly go through the blog you have chosen and figure out which part is the most impactful when reading. It might be helpful if you pretend to be an outsider for this part. Use the most impactful part of your blog as a script for your video. This can be half a page or about 100 words for a short one-minute video. 

Select the Right Platform 

You must choose the right platform to publish it on. While every social media platform offers its own advantages, some are incredibly unique. The platform you choose to publish your video on will depend on the kind of audience you wish to reach and the kind of content you have created. Once you choose the platform, you can create your video to suit each platform’s demands. 

Video Orientation 

It can be difficult to decide your video’s orientation, whether it is a portrait, landscape, or fullscreen video. It helps to know what device your audience will be viewing the video on, so you can choose the orientation properly. If you know that your audience is split between desktops and mobile devices, it would be best to stick to a square video format so that it can be viewed properly on all devices. 

Brand Aesthetics

If you want to create a compelling video, you want to make sure that you stay true to your brand’s aesthetics, including color palettes and iconography. Videos are a great way to bring in new customers, but you don’t want to alienate your existing customers that have formed a loyalty to your brand and everything you stand for. 

Motion Graphics 

Various kinds of software are available to create compelling social videos, such as After Effects and Audition; After Effects is a software known for its motion graphics capabilities, whereas Auditon is used for music and voiceovers for videos. You do have other options available that you can choose from, such as Premiere or Final Cut Pro. 


Your videos need music, whether your viewers are watching them with sound on or not. Adding background music to your videos helps keep viewers engaged, but it can be rather costly. As such, you must subscribe to music licensing sites online, such as License Lab or Premium Beat (if you don’t have a videographer already doing this for you). If you don’t have the budget, you can always opt for royalty-free music available online you can choose from. 

Lastly, for your videos to be compelling, you must create them from your heart and give them your absolute best in terms of creativity.