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If you want to be seen, go where the crowds are.

Depending on what audience you’re looking to target, social media videos can be used to build awareness, as a call to action, to educate your audience… the list goes on. And with social videos generating 1200% more shares than text and image content combined, creating video for social media has quickly become an essential part of any marketing strategy.

Social media videos can be used to drive engagement: likes, comments, shares, you name it. That engagement is what allows the algorithms built in to social media platforms to bring your content organically into the feeds of new audiences.

Successful Additionally, social media videos should be used to communicate what your brand is all about and generate new awareness and enthusiasm. However, it’s important to keep your social media content light and digestible–people use social media to be entertained and to connect, not to be bogged down by ads!

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With all this clutter on social media, how do we create thumb stopping content?

Similar to video ads, these powerful bite- sized videos are best in bunches. While one great video can go along way, an optimized roll-out plan will deepen relationships with your customers so think long term. That said, it starts with where your customers live, what you’re looking to drive towards, how evergreen your content needs to be, and what impression you’d like to make. Whether you’re looking to use existing assets, stock photo or video, or shoot something, lets create social media gold together.

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