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How it works

We believe in the perfect blend of technology and people to make the video creation process simple and streamlined while continuing traditional values when creating them.

  • Create a project brief in just minutes
  • Work with world-class global video creators
  • Receive your videos in days, not weeks
  • Connect with your account manager anytime
  • Provide all your feedback effortlessly
  • Save time and money

The Process



Fill out our BriefBuilder™ and one of our creative
managers will schedule a free consultation. As industry
experts, we’ll lead the concepting, scripting,
storyboarding, and define objectives.



Whether it’s a live-action shoot, animated explainer
video, or just simply a project that needs video editing;
we do it all and have the capabilities to shoot globally.



See your projects in 1 place. Review drafts, pending due
dates, and provide feedback with just a click, all while
working with your dedicated account manager to guide
you through it all.

General Timeline

Our Capabilities

Creative Concepting Editing Animation Voiceover Talent Location Scouting Script + Storyboard Sourcing Stock Footage Drone Videography Picture to Video Live-Action Production Motion Graphics Livestreaming

Our Flexible

Our model is as flexible as your needs are. We can
supplement your team with specific skills or become
your full-service team
. At the heart what we do is our
dedicated creative managers, always there to ensure
efficiency, ease, and quality control every step of the way.

Why We’re Different

We often hear from clients that they’re “not doing enough video” and that finding a trusted go-to partner is a scary
thing. We get it. As a service provider ourselves we’ve developed the following principles that we live by:

  • Guaranteeing the quality of our work
  • Being open to discussing any project but never overextending ourselves
  • Always adhering to client confidentiality

a demo today.

Join the ranks of top agencies, leading
publications, and Fortune 500s who trust
DreamItReel with their video needs and
gain your competitive edge.