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Sizzle Reel Videos

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Do you believe in 1st impressions? If so, you need one of these.

You can tell a lot about a person upon a first introduction, even by the way they shake your hand. The purpose of a sizzle is to serve as the ideal first-touch or “handshake” with someone who is unfamiliar with your brand.

They should get a solid understanding of the type of business you are and what you offer after this exciting teaser.

Successful sizzles will make viewers feel like they’re watching a short, high-energy highlight, but in reality, they just learned all they need to know, all the while getting them to watch way longer than they expected.

In a world where we’re vying for attention, sizzle reels really stand out.

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If you need one video to communicate what you do, this is it.

While sizzles can really get people’s hearts pumping, they’re best served as visual eye candy to showcase your talent.

As your video partner, it starts with us defining if your work can and should speak for itself, or if you need a more narrative piece to communicate your message. Other factors to think about are what industry you’re in, if this is your main communication tool, do you have enough assets to create a sizzle, and what type of video is your audience most yearning to see from you.

Let’s discuss whether sizzles are right for you.

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