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How to Create a Great Social Video

Every day, social media pushes the boundaries just a little bit more. Approximately 86% of all online advertisers are utilizing social media to expand their existing marketing efforts. When a brand has a social presence, it offers its consumers brand insights regarding its products and services. The benefits of social media marketing are not limited to just awareness but also include growth and a surge in sales. Studies have found that 64%t of users are more likely to purchase a brand’s product after seeing a social video about it. 

For any brand that has a social media presence, it is very important for them to work on and improve their social engagement, which is responsible for creating a connection of trust with the consumers, which eventually increases leads, brand loyalty, and overall conversion rates. But, to make all of this happen, you need a great social media video, right? So, how do you make one?

It Begins With a Strategy 

Before you get the wheels of production rolling, you must have a content strategy in place so your video can generate the maximum amount of traction online. You can do this by conducting audience research, finding out more about your competitors, figuring out what message you’d like to convey to your consumers through the video, the scheduling of content, the budget you must adhere to, the delegation of tasks, and the like. You get the gist of it all! 

Most Shared Content 

We don’t mean that you should do what everyone else is doing, but it helps to know what is trending in the world. This will help you figure out just how your video content can stand out from the crowd and not disappear into an ocean of a million others. 

Short and Concise 

Who wants to sit through long and boring videos only to eventually switch to another one? If your videos exceed 6-7 minutes, it is unlikely that your video will hold the viewer’s attention. In the world we live in today, it is all about bite-sized content that provides value to consumers all over the world. This short and concise video must contain all the relevant and engaging parts while removing all the excess fluff in between. Your video must have a clear message, hold the viewer’s attention, and get the viewers to act on your given message all at the same time. 

If the information you’d like to convey can’t be broken down into a smaller video, try making multiple small videos that engage all the same. They will work much better than a super long video that has viewers snoring no more than 8 minutes in. 

The First Eight Seconds 

While consumers may watch your videos up until 7 minutes, the first eight seconds of your video determine whether or not they will even watch that much. They’re crucial and decide whether a consumer will scroll on through or stick around and find out what you are trying to say to them. What can we say? Human beings just have a short attention span. So, we must make the most of what we have to make our social videos successful. 

Start Recording!

It may sound bizarre, but you can always shorten up your video later and make it more engaging by cutting out irrelevant parts, but that can only happen once you begin recording! 

Ready, set, ACTION!