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The Video Industry’s Big Secret

With HD cameras being more accessible than ever, video is everywhere. Our social media feeds are filled with movement, most of us spend half our day on YouTube and Netflix, and you can’t launch a business, product, or campaign without a video component.

But, producing a high quality, well crafted video is still difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Right? Not quite.

Here’s the big secret that many in the video industry don’t want you to know: GREAT VIDEO DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE.

Not long ago, there were fewer video editors, projects took a long time, and the required tools cost a ton. But technology has come a long way in a short time. Now, editing software is far more efficient so the process can be streamlined. Plus, there are many more talented pros available. This is the video industry’s big secret: video editing has changed.

Yes, it still takes skill and experience to edit an amazing video. But hiring a pro is no longer reserved for TV and film studios. This is why DreamItReel was developed. We offer another option. A service that removes the inefficiencies and connects you with professional grade video work without emptying your wallet.

We asked a production company how much they would charge to edit some vacation footage into a nice highlight reel. They quoted us at nearly $1000. We do the same work for nearly 1/10th that price.

So don’t let the old world video companies scam you. Look at all the options and don’t be afraid to try something new. The video editing revolution is upon us – join the change!

Want to talk about video in the modern world? Shoot us an email, and let’s have a conversation.