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6 Video Ideas Your Company Needs to Try

It’s no secret that video is a great way to promote your business. A slick promo video has become the norm for most companies’ marketing strategy. But, there are plenty of other types of videos that can help increase sales, educate your customers, and even strengthen your team. Here are 6 video ideas you need to try.

1. Explainer Video

A short video is the perfect way to give your users a crash course in how your app, website, or service works. You can easily give a tour of the interface, show off the coolest features, and get people excited to try it for themselves.

Here’s an animated explainer we created for Capital Cube:

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

2. Behind the Scenes

Your YouTube channel or Facebook page is a great place to pull back the curtain of your company and show your followers “where the magic happens”. Grab your camera or phone and show off your workspaces, meeting rooms, and office antics. It’s a great way to add some personality to your company and let your customers connect with you.

3. Event

If your company throws a party, fundraiser, or other event, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to make a fun video that builds and promotes your brand. Even if you’re just attending a convention or conference, getting some video of your team outside of the office can be a treat for your online following.

We did a video highlighting startups at the NY TechDay conference earlier this year:

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

4. How-To

If your product has a little-used or complicated feature, making a little video can be a good strategy to help people discover it. It’s also a nice way to address frequent questions or issues your users run into. With one how-to video, you can simultaneously entice new users and help existing ones.

5. Customer/Employee Spotlight

Interviewing a team member or telling the story behind one of your clients is a nice way to paint a bigger picture of what your company does. Showing off an employee highlights the value and expertise of your team while a video testimonial from a customer acts as an insightful promotion.

Here’s a video we did for JunkLuggers that focused on their customers:

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

6. Just Have Some Fun!

Cancel that sales meeting and turn it into a production meeting! Something silly like re-enacting a movie scene or lip syncing a pop song can go viral and bring in some serious traffic. Plus, it can act as a great team building exercise.

Need some help getting started or looking for a video resource? Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help.