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4 Tips For Shooting a Great GoPro Ski Video

Winter is upon us! That means it’s time to strap on your GoPro and hit the slopes.

DreamItReel has produced TONS of ski and snowboard videos and some of them have become our favorite projects. But creating an awesome video isn’t as easy as hitting the record button and hoping for the best. In fact, many end up with boring footage that won’t reflect how great your ski trip was.

But worry not, we’ve got the tips to help you capture footage that you can’t wait to edit and share.

1. Mix Up the Angles

Face it, nobody wants to watch a shot of your face for 10 minutes while you carve down the mountain, so keep things interesting! Put the camera on your helmet, your chest, your poles/board, anywhere! Also, pass the camera around the group between runs so you can get different perspectives and make sure everyone makes an appearance.

2. Keep it Secure

When you’re attaching your camera, make sure it’s strapped in nice and tight. A loose mount can result in shaky footage that could be totally unusable. Another way to improve stability is to absorb any bumps in the snow.

3. Get Close

When filming a friend, remember that the GoPro has a wide angle lens, which means you’ll have to get close to capture a good shot. This might take some trial and error but with a little bit of practice you’ll be able to frame your subject with ease.

4. Skiing Isn’t Everything

While the focus of your video will obviously be the skiing/snowboarding, some filler footage can make the video unique and personal. Roll the camera on your way up the lift, taking a break in the lodge, relaxing in the hot tub, even riding in the car.

Ski videos can start to look all the same, but by adding your own twist on it and bringing your personality into the fold, you create something special that stands out among the rest.

Inspired yet? If not, some of our favorite ski and snowboard videos that we’ve produced should do the trick:

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[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

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