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From striking images and sound to the rapid succession of visual masterpieces, micro video content successfully grabs your viewers’ attention in a matter of seconds.

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What’s micro video?

Micro videos are snackable video content captured in 15 seconds or less. Use micro video content to pose a question, spark conversation, or tease upcoming events. Or invite viewers to engage further by linking to your website, mobile apps, games or surveys.

These bite-sized productions also work great as a series, each one telling part of a story that keeps customers interested for days.

Micro videos work best in volume with frequent postings on social media, where they encourage shares, extend your reach and enhance marketing campaigns.

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Why go micro?

These video appetizers excel at building brand awareness with an increasingly distracted public. They’re easy to watch, amusing and take little time.

With the short length, people watch to the end. And they’re more likely to be shared on social media than text or photos so you get maximum exposure with each post.

Micro videos are fast to produce, so you can create different versions for different market niches or build a collection to increase engagement.

The key to micro video success is making the right impression immediately. Our proven development process will help you clarify the message and find the best artists to combine iconic images and attention-grabbing audio. Plus, our highly efficient design and review process makes it easy to create a full micro video series.

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