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Yes, Even High-Quality Videos Can Be Made Under Tight Deadlines

Social media – and the world’s insatiable desire for video communications – has completely turned the video production industry on its head. Yesterday, companies made one video at a time. Today, companies make hundreds at a time.

DreamItReel is one of those companies. And honestly, our best trick—the one that lifts us above all the others out there — is that we’ve proven it is possible to create video at scale without creating a race to the bottom in terms of quality. We’ve streamlined the video process and removed the traditional inefficiencies associated with it, and as a result, we pass the cost savings back to you. 

A Quick Case Study

One client, Time Inc., was facing extremely tight deadlines and needed a video partner to edit more than 40 videos in a very short time frame without degrading quality. With the help of our dedicated account managers and our fully vetted and trusted network of video professionals, we were able to turn around each edit within one day. Every video made it in time for a big launch on social, which yielded millions of views and one very happy management team (not to mention a great sense of satisfaction for our team). 

So – you want to know more about how it works? 

The Technology

The technical process of video creation and editing has been completely revolutionized by digital technology. Doing the entire process digitally is far more efficient than film ever was, and production software gets more efficient all the time. Your entire project, from storyboards to camerawork to editing and sound to distribution, can be streamlined and turned around very quickly.

So, after years of product development and more than 1,500 projects created, we launched BriefBuilder, our workflow management tool that enables you to easily develop storyboards, link your entire media library, manage files, and view all your projects, drafts and materials all in one centralized place. It’s powered by a robust algorithm that both simplifies the pre-production process and navigates you through key decisions.

Then, once your project is under way and our account managers have quality controlled your draft video, we upload the drafts so you can review and collaborate with us in real time. You can effortlessly make comments, provide feedback, share with other team members, and add approvals. This collaborative approach has helped cut review cycles by nearly 50 percent.

The Service

There’s a useful outcome to the revolution in video production, which is simply that more talented people in more places around the world have elevated themselves to become recognized video professionals. (And, since we’re talking digital, it’s also true that your favorite pro can be located anywhere around the world without affecting the logistics of your project.) In other words, hiring a creative genius is no longer reserved for TV and film studios.

But how do you find these talented, experienced professionals when video production is not your forte?

DreamItReel is not a freelance network. We’ve developed our own curated group of video professionals, each with typically five to seven years of experience and hand selected by us. This expansive network of creatives is a large part of why we can complete projects quickly and at the highest level of quality, giving you a competitive edge in the current landscape. Our capabilities include video editing, animation, video production, color correction, talent sourcing, audio, and more. And our team is flexible enough to handle on-demand and rolling-based projects.

But just when you think we’ve gone all cutting-edge all the time, we’ve gone old-school with our service. We understand the lost art of account management and have brought it back through our video concierges. We partner you with one of these account managers who serves as your bridge between everything you need and everything we offer. They help you throughout the production process, during which you will receive up to three drafts. 

The Outcome

Because of the way we’ve put together the technology, creative expertise, and service excellence, and through the experience of creating projects that have been viewed literally tens of millions of times, DreamItReel is confident in offering you a satisfaction guarantee. Quite simply, your outcome with us is high impact, high quality, cost effective, digital content at scale. That’s why we’re trusted by top 

agencies as well as companies like the Conde Nast, the Philadelphia 76’ers, NBC, and why 69 percent of our clients are repeat customers. 

So, to circle back to the main question – YES, even high-quality videos can be made under tight deadlines, and now we’ve shown you how we do it. Watch our sample videos, check out what our clients say, and then try something new: Take a peek at our thumb-stoppable content.