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Why Did You Create a YouTube Channel?


There are a few “must haves” for any blog site. An about page, contact information, and social media links.

Which social media accounts you include is up to you, but Facebook and Twitter are pretty much required. Beyond that, you have Google+, Instagram, maybe Linkedin. And then there’s YouTube.

Video is nothing like text and it’s infinitely more complex than a still photo. Words and images flash across our screens, there for a moment and gone the next. But a video demands our attention as we sit and digest the thousands of frames that come together to tell a story.

The intricacies and time needed to create video make it difficult to master, but the payoff is greater than any other medium. There’s a reason why a hit movie can make billions of dollars in a matter of weeks.

When you included that YouTube link on your blog, your subconscious was telling you all of this. Whispering in your ear that video would be a great way to engage your audience, draw them in, deliver entertainment and information in a way that no other medium can. But what does your YouTube channel look like right now? When’s the last time you uploaded a new video?

I see it everyday, a nicely designed blog with unique content and a big following, but an empty YouTube channel linked from the homepage.

I get it, video can be hard and expensive to produce. But that’s why DreamItReel is here – to offer video editing services that you can afford and that will help you create a special connection that can only be forged by the moving image.

This might sound like nothing but a plug for DreamItReel, but the bare YouTube channel is an epidemic that we’re here to cure. Roll the camera, and let’s make some videos.