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What Makes the Best Animated Videos

Animation has always held a quality of magic and wonder. It is no wonder animation is so popular with businesses because it draws attention like no other format, with its colors, imagery, and endless possibilities.

It is no wonder then, that animated advertisements have always been popular too.

While most social media platforms are being flooded with influencers, brand ambassadors, and talking heads, it can be extremely helpful to do something a little different to get audience attention.

Animated explainers or advertisements are a great way to turn heads and capture imaginations. Here are some of the key points expert animators use to create effective animated ads.

Be Creative and Leverage Curiosity

Without exception, the number one most beneficial aspect of animation is the limitless ability to visualize your story. While taking a literal approach for your advertisement often work well, when depicting things that are either conceptual in nature, hard to show using live-action, or would be cost-prohibitive to shoot, animation time and time again will always be the answer. Case in point, if your video suggests showing a rocket, well, that might be just a bit tough to shoot on your own.

That said, it’s also very important to draw on the strengths of animation to get the most out of it. An advertisement whether an explainer, a brand video, or a regular commercial, that leaves audiences feeling amused and inspired will stick with them. 

Draw on Familiarity

Because animation can resonate so deeply with audiences, it often stays in the system. This is why certain animation formats or even certain styles and narratives can easily be leveraged to tap into the feelings and memories produced by a childhood favorite.

Nostalgia can be a powerful leveraging point to elicit feelings, and then connect those positive feelings to your brand, product, or service.

Animation can also be a cultural rallying point. Because the characters and media each generation and culture grew up with are so important, they can be recalled to build solidarity with certain groups.

Connect Emotionally

Animation can integrate relatable and familiar imagery, as well as music to elicit an emotional connection.

Human emotions are incredibly powerful. If your advertisement is able to tap into one or more emotions of the audience then it will create a memorable experience that leaves a long-lasting impact.

We know that products are more than just things that occupy space in peoples’ homes. Audiences buy things to integrate them into their lifestyles. Audiences’ first access point to the lifestyle possibilities you offer is depicted on screen.

Think Socially

Social causes can be a great way to draw attention to your overall brand. Animated videos can take away some of the intensity that can be produced when depicting social issues but keep the overall message.

This technique is especially effective with brand videos, where philanthropic endeavors can be depicted in a positive and beneficial light.

Reminding audiences about the social involvement of the brand can increase the brand’s ethical integrity, which can cause many to be more persuaded to invest.

Demonstrate the Science

By providing statistics on your business or your product or service deliverables, the numbers can simply speak for themselves, and it won’t be as necessary to have as overt of a Call to Action.

Let your accomplishments and proven benefits speak for themselves.

Animated videos can be especially good at depicting facts and figures while still keeping audiences entertained with colors and movement.

Demonstrate the Impact

Lastly, show your audience the impact of having your product or accessing your services. Show them the life they will have once your solution is present for them.

Lots of advertisements are great at showing what a life that has integrated a new product or service will look like. Animated videos, in particular, are great at this, but they are also great at going even further to depict the benefits in greater detail when live-action will not work or is just not possible.

Whatever your product or service, qualified video producers will know the best fit and style. At DreamItReel, we have the marketing expertise to help determine the best video format, as well as help you select from the 8 different styles of animation we offer, ensuring your message is resonant and impactful.

If you are looking to bring your marketing campaign up to the top tier, reach out to DreamItReel today.

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