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Top Tips for Creating Engaging Commercials

Video ads, also known as commercials, have gained a lot of popularity, and if the statistics are proof of anything, it is that there is no saturation point in sight. Studies have shown that 86% of businesses use videos as marketing tools. This number has seen a steady growth since 2016. Take a look at the numbers below for reference. 

  • 85% in 2020
  • 87% in 2019
  • 81% in 2018
  • 63% in 2017
  • 61% in 2016

There are still some video makers out there that are hesitant about video ads just because they are not generating the kind of results they hoped for. Does that sound familiar to you? 

Are you tired of investing in video ads that just don’t seem to work? Do you feel like giving up? Don’t! There’s nothing wrong with your videos; they just need a few effective tips, so you can create engaging commercials. Let’s dive into the top tips that can help you in your journey. 

Video Ads Are Not Television Ads 

There is a big difference between video ads and television commercials. TV ads are more broadly targeted. Their demographic is huge but somewhat vague. However, the statistics for video ads can be viewed at a more granular level. It helps to get the message across more effectively through video ads rather than television ads. 

Interruptions Begone! 

Did you ever run to the bathroom while you and your siblings were watching a show only to have your sibling yell for you when the television commercials were over? Fun times, right? However, when your bladder is empty, and you’re at a crucial point in the show, television ads can act as an interruption, one that is not invited. While the ads on TV are no longer as insensitive in their timing, video ads are better as they are relevant for the viewer. There can be various versions of the same ad blended into a video that appears seamless. The viewer is not interrupted, yet the information is there should they need to use it. 

Catch Their Attention 

Unlike television ads, the buildup for video ads does not have to be slow. You have to catch the viewer’s attention within the first eight seconds, so they don’t skip the ad. You can take inspiration from Pixar’s storytelling formula to grab the viewer’s attention and quickly ensure they watch till the very end. Read Dream It Reel’s take on Pixar’s Storytelling Formula to find out now. 

Collaborations Go a Long Way 

You may not know this, but YouTube gives fans an incredible opportunity to interact with their favorite creators on their channels on a daily basis. As an advertiser, this opens up a few gates for you. If you wish to create engaging video content, you might want to consider collaborating with well-known creators of a similar niche on YouTube. 

Be True to Yourself

People no longer want to see highly-polished video ads because they find it hard to relate to them. And they were never based on reality anyway. When creating video ads, stay true to yourself and create content that viewers can automatically relate to. 

Types of Video Ad

There are various kinds of ads you can choose from:

  • Skippable ads
  • Non-skippable ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Outstream ads 
  • Bumper ads 

If you want to develop more leads, go for skippable ads. If you want to create brand awareness, go for non-skippable ads.  

We are confident that these tips will help you create the most compelling video ad you have created so far.