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Top Strategies to Improve Engagement on Videos

We no longer live in the times when the only way available to watch video content was on the big screen. While it is not over, that time is somewhat muted in the grand scheme of things. With smartphones being such a vital and integral part of our lives, most of the videos that we consume are on our smartphone devices. Based on data obtained from Facebook, approximately 100 million hours are spent just watching videos on social media in a day. As for YouTube, over 5 billion videos are watched in a day. Pretty crazy, right? 

The hours we spend online individually watching videos may not seem like much, but it’s a considerable number when accumulated. It is estimated that video will most likely account for most of the mobile data traffic online in the years ahead. As such, videos will be front and center. Let’s look at some top strategies that can improve engagement on videos. 

Optimize Videos for Mobile Viewing 

This is by far the biggest mistake that video marketers make, and yes, these things still happen. They make incredible videos, and the content is on par with the industry standards, but they fail to optimize their videos for mobile viewing, limiting their videos’ potential. When videos are in their pre-production stage, video makers must always frame their videos for mobile. This way, they will know precisely how to frame and shoot their videos, rather than incorporate this at the end, which can diminish the video’s overall quality. 

HI-Quality Videos Don’t Have to Cost a Lot

Yes, videos dominate most marketing strategies, but it is very easy to create videos that get lost in a sea of millions of others. You don’t want to be that guy and must work hard to ensure your videos have a fighting chance in the market. To do this, be mindful that even though your videos will be posted on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, that they are not low-quality, pixelated, or jittery at all. Most smartphones come with an HD camera, and you can spend a little extra money to invest in a gimbal stabilizer to make sure all your videos appear as though they are movies. Mobile gimbal stabilizers start around $100 in the market, which means your high-quality videos will not break your bank. 

Keeping It Short (As Often as Possible)

We understand that some videos have to be lengthy, such as specific explainer videos. But for the most part, you must keep your videos as short and to the point as is possible for you. Videos that typically fall within the 15-second range are 37 percent more likely to be shared when in comparison to videos that range anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

When you produce a video, know that the first 10 seconds of it are the most important as they will help determine whether a user keeps watching or not. Most viewers watching from desktops or laptops stop watching videos if they are anywhere over 2-minutes. With mobile viewers, you have an advantage because they tend to stick around a little longer and will watch as far as 5-minutes. 

It may seem overwhelming from the get-go, but don’t let that discourage you. Once you get the hang of it, your effective video marketing strategy will boost your ROI.