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Tag: wedding video editing

Not Your Mother’s Wedding Video

For decades, hiring a videographer for your wedding was the norm. You wanted someone with high-quality equipment and experience to shoot every moment. But times have changed. Anyone with a recent smart phone has a better video camera than most pros did 10 years ago. Because of this, everyone has

4 Ideas For Your Next DreamItReel Video

Looking for inspiration for your next video? Here are 4 types of videos DreamItReel can help you produce using footage you already have. 1. A Collaborative Wedding Video If you’ve been to a wedding lately, you probably guests spending half their time taking videos and photos. But what happens to

The New Age of Wedding Videos

Don’t spend thousands on a wedding videographer! Learn how to use DreamItReel to create a unique, personal wedding video shot by your guests. Email us at or head right to to get started!