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“The team at DreamItReel was such an excellent creative partner and helped us realize our vision for a completely new kind of video we had never produced before.

Our previous sizzle saw about 1,200 views over the course of a year, and our new video has gained 1,500 views in just three months.

They supported our out-of-the-box ideas, iterated with us, and produced a beautifully custom animated sizzle video that felt true to our brand, message, and style. We wouldn’t have been able to produce such a high quality, ambitious project without a partner like DreamItReel.”


What was your experience throughout the project working with DreamItReel?
DreamItReel was an excellent strategic partner when breaking our strategy, goals, ideas and vision. The team helped shape our thoughts and encouraged our original ideas. During execution, they were very willing and open to receiving our feedback and really worked on many revisions to make it perfect: from the branding, audio, accuracy of the images, and more. We've used the video on our website, in our email nurture campaign, and in paid media for about 3 months and is our highest viewed non-partnership video to date. Again, our previous sizzle saw about 1,200 views over the course of a year, and our new video has gained 1,500 views in just three months.
Were you satisfied with the results?
Very! This was an ambitious video and the team did an excellent job.
What was the opportunity you saw in DreamItReel?
I saw the opportunity to partner on a creative video with a strategic partner whose bread and butter is video. We knew we needed a partner who could provide us with the expert knowledge, advice, and guidance to create a professional, high-quality video that wasn’t just following a formula or template. The team let us think outside the box.
What was the objective of this project? What were you looking to achieve?
Our objective was to create a sizzle intro video to our product solutions that spoke to our customer's problems and the value we offer that could serve as a replacement to a more tactical self-guided demo to aid in our lead generation activities.
How did DreamItReel help address your challenges?
The DreamItReel team provided the expertise to help us realize our vision. While I wrote the script and even recorded the audio, and essentially provided most of the direction of the video – the team was there every step of the way to make our ideas a reality. I would have never been able to realize this video on my own. The team was very hands-on!
What was the solution DreamItReel provided?
DreamItReel provided strong examples of animation styles and techniques that helped guide our creative process and most of all provided us with really strong custom animation, images, and all editing and music of the video.