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“We loved working with DreamItReel. They really listened to what we wanted and delivered attractive, informative, and engaging videos that we’ve been able to use again and again.”

What was your experience throughout the project working with DreamItReel?
DreamItReel ultimately created three videos for us for our website: two demo videos, and a comparison video. The videos DreamItReel made for us have proven to be evergreen, which was very important to us. We’ve used them in various applications, and they’ve gotten a great reaction. We greatly appreciated DreamItReel’s process. They gave us a good sense of what to expect at the beginning of the project. We gave them a lot of feedback which they patiently incorporated.
Were you satisfied with the results?
We absolutely loved working with DreamItReel. They have great customer service and worked quickly and courteously.
What was the opportunity you saw in DreamItReel?
We thought DreamItReel could create fun animated videos that would bring our products to life and explain them clearly to consumers.
What was the objective of this project? What were you looking to achieve?
We wanted demo videos to introduce our products to unfamiliar consumers, and a comparison video to help them understand why our product was a better option for them, in a similar style to a video that we’d seen before and liked. We also wanted the videos to be attractive and fun enough that sharing them on social media would catch people’s eyes.
How did DreamItReel help address your challenges?
DreamItReel created just what we were looking for. The videos they created are classic, timeless, and evergreen - and have been useful to us for several years now across all digital marketing platforms including social media, our website, and our customers’ websites.
What was the solution DreamItReel provided?
DreamItReel made three videos for us that helped explain a current product, introduce a new product, and compare various products against each other. The videos were animated and very engaging.