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“They are true partners! DreamItReel helped us win new business, keep existing clients, and move forward with both new and old relationships. In our industry, we need fast results. We need informed creative solutions to problems. We need involvement and commitment to being the best.

DreamItReel proved to us again and again that they can be trusted and will always bring top results.”

What was your experience throughout the project working with DreamItReel?
The experience was next-level, top-notch. This is major advantage of working with them; it is full service and full attention. Very organized. Very professional.  You can’t ask for more. DreamItReel delivers what we have needed, but not gotten in the past: service, speed, and quality.   Service –– It’s amazing to me how many other companies don’t know the names of the people they’re working with or try to go above and beyond. It’s as if the client doesn’t matter. Acuity goes that extra mile and is constantly improving its partnerships with brands and agencies and we want the same in return when working with our vendors.    Speed –– Clients often come to us with urgent needs. The perfect partner for us is someone who is willing to take on things at the speed in which they come- DreamItReel is that partner. Quality –– Working with previous video content companies, we found the quality to be average. Our clients now rave about the quality of work and are genuinely shocked that we were able to produce that quality in such a short period of time.
Were you satisfied with the results?
Beyond satisfied. We were very happy. One of our clients said it was the best work they had ever seen. With previous companies we have worked with, there was no sense of urgency. Our industry is based on urgency. Everything is time-sensitive. Our former partner also wouldn't join important client calls with us to help impress our clients. As video experts, we sometimes needed them to help with concepting. Upon switching to DreamItReel, we realized how HUGE of a requirement this is. When everyone is on the same page, it shows passion, interest, and commitment. It helps win business and move business forward.
What was the opportunity you saw in DreamItReel?
Better price. Long-lasting relationship. Higher quality. Lastly, a team not scared to take on a challenge.
What was the objective of this project? What were you looking to achieve?
We have worked with DreamItReel on over 50 projects. When one client wanted to launch a new product, we turned to DreamItReel to help us with the research. Having a comprehensive understanding of the market and best practices, they were able to brainstorm with us and generate creative ideas to reach the target audience. Not every company does that.   Another objective we had was to attack an audience that is inundated with choice. There are so many competitors and so many products to choose from, it’s often hard to stick out in a crowd. DreamItReel's production team came up with unique solutions to this problem and captured as much of the audience as possible. 

 We were most impressed with the amount of video engagement. DreamItReel helped us meet our clients’ needs and now we will be able to move forward with them and get increased spend over time.    
How did DreamItReel help address your challenges?
They joined client calls, did a great deal of research, and listen to our specific client challenges. They have an incredible understanding of the industry, That kind of knowledge is invaluable. It goes without saying that the team was professional and hardworking. They were on it day and night to bring us unique solutions. I can’t say enough about how happy we are with the results.    
What was the solution DreamItReel provided?
DreamItReel helped us win business. That is my bottom line, given I am responsible for all sales for my company.