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Social Video Tips: What Works Best in 2021

Over time, videos have proven themselves to be an incredibly powerful medium of storytelling. The manner in which social videos are shot can have a massive impact on the success or failure of your organization’s promotional and marketing efforts. Video content has the ability to form deep connections with people through varying emotions portrayed. As such, they surpass written promotional content in every way.

Best Practices for Agencies to Help Them Create Effective Social Videos in 2021

According to Cisco, in 2019 alone, video content generated 80 percent of all consumer traffic on the internet. This essentially means that if it’s a market you haven’t yet tapped into, now is your chance to do so. To start that, you need to know what works best as we near the end of 2021. So, let’s get into it.

A Simplified SEO Strategy

With YouTube now securing the spot of the second largest search engine on the internet, SEO doesn’t just apply to blogs and web content anymore. It applies to videos too. It can be a recipe or how-to videos, you name it. People want to watch rather than to read in this fast-paced world. So why not make the most of it?

Catchy Titles

Keep the titles of your videos short and catchy in 60 characters or less. Your titles can be longer than that, but the first 60 characters need to be packed with relevant and eye-catching information. Try to make use of the YouTube Keyword Tool to find keywords you can use in your videos.

Infused Keywords

Much like the meta description in blogs and web content, your videos need keyword-infused descriptions too. Try to keep these under 70 characters, so you don’t lose your potential consumer’s attention. Keywords also help sites like YouTube determine through their algorithm which one of your videos to add to their suggested videos queue.


Link building is more important than you think. The number of links your promotional video leads to enhance your overall ranking in any search engine. Backlinking creates a sort of win-win situation for your videos because as they generate views, so does your website that you have added links to.

Videos OTG

This is one of the most important creative decisions that social video makers have to make. Your video should be optimized for viewing on devices of different aspect ratios, as 40.9 percent of all YouTube videos are streamed on mobile devices.

Detailed Sitemap

Utilize a video sitemap to add all the written details about your video, so it ranks better. This sitemap gives Google all the relevant information about your video and your website so that it can direct visitors accordingly based on the keywords they search.

Have a Clear Message

In order to increase the views on your videos, they should contain enough information for people to decide if it’s something they’d like to watch or not. Imagine buying a product without a label. It would be pretty frustrating to take home, wouldn’t it? People tend to skim through the titles of videos, much like browsing through a grocery aisle, before ultimately deciding to spend 10-15 minutes of their time on it.

  • Try writing an accurate synopsis for your videos that highlights what it contains without giving all of it away.
  • Transcribe your videos, so your viewers have access to a text format to skim through first.

Optimized Videos for Conversions

Your job doesn’t just end after getting video views, but rather, it begins from there. The ultimate goal is conversion. How do we do that? Glad you asked. Let us tell you some strategies to make this happen.  

Call to Action

A clear CTA is one strategy used by savvy marketers online to be objective, authoritative, and clear to convey dialogue and turn views into sales.

Messages From Speakers

Direct messages from the speakers included in a video or links that lead back to your own website are important for generating leads through video content.

Publishing Time

Choose the right publishing time for your videos to get the maximum number of views in the first 48 hours of posting the video.

Incentivize the Views

  • You can offer discounts to engage the viewers for longer by offering promo codes at the end of the video. This ensures they stick around till the very end.

Creating effective videos that generate incredible leads is time-consuming, for sure. Having the right content marketing strategy in 2021 can help you create a roadmap for your future videos to capitalize on their marketing potential for your brand. So, what’s your next strategy?