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John Rossman Executive Speakers Testimonial

Roman Ad

Kimpton Promo

Blackwolf Ad

Briogeo Ad

Wexer Motion Graphics

Routinely Ad

Sugar Association Ad

76ers SHOPRITE Smart Meals EP 3

Alka White Ad

B-Side Ad

Zeigler Motion Graphics

Roman Grilling Ad

MealPrep Ad

Daltile Style is the New Standard Sizzle


Angry Orchard Ad

Andie Ad

Icelandic Provisions Instagram Ad

Fundera Stock Ad

Neon Ad

ATEM Stop Motion Ad

Steinway Micro Ad

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls 1:1 Ad

Birth Control Done My Way Ad

Loreal Ad

Marc Anthony Hair Detox Ad

ATEM Instagram Story Ad

Cody Ad

ATEM Stop Motion Box Ad

Fundera Small Business Ad

Marc Anthony Hydra Lock Ad

Merck Darwin Animation

CapitalOne UpMarket Animation

Marriott ALP Case Study Animation

RR Donnelley Managing Communications Animation

Acuity Motion Graphics

Merck Invent for Life Animation

Diligent Compliance ESG Animation

E-Title Real Estate Animation

RR Donnelley CFO Animation

Equity Effect Animation

HealthReveal Animation

HealthReveal Launch Explainer

HealthReveal Testimonial

Cengage Employer Connection Animation

E-Title Underwriters Animation

E-Title Attorney Animation

Lease Accelerator Training Animation

YSG Solar Animation

LeaseAccelerator SAP Animation

LYTX UK Driver Hazard Behavior Animation

Lytx Drivers Education Module

Lytx Driver ID Animation

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SolveOS Explainer

Timbre Animation

Springboard Animation

Sawyer Studios Animation

WealthX Animation

Wealth-X Motion Graphics

Primephonic Screencast

Refersion Animation

Relink Animation

MediaBeacon Animation

Experian Animation

YSG Solar Testimonial

YSG Solar Home Owner Animation

YSG Solar Family Animation

Javits Center Jake Screencast

Heinrich Boll Animation

Next Glass Animation

Diligent Modern Governance Introduction Motion Graphics

Getty Images Corbis Sizzle

DataScava Animation

Build a City Animation

Revcycle Animation

Pond5 Motion Graphics

KARD Animation

AeroPress Long Demo Animation

AeroPress Short Demo Animation

ACEI Global Schools First Animation

SwarmMobile Animation

SmartGift Animation

RDG Intro Animation

Pond5 VisualSearch Animation

Nomura Onboarding Motion Graphics

Nomura EmployeeOnBoarding

SmartGift Joe Malone Animation

Proof Animation

Kimpton Chefs Cycle Ad

4ireBox 3D

Bakery Promo Video

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery

TGG Motion Graphics

AngryOrchard Case Study

Cystadrops Animation

Roman .30 Branding Case Study

Ed2go PMP Animation

DreamItReel Video Production Sizzle

DreamItReel Getty Images Case Study

DreamItReel Briogeo Case Study

DreamItReel Getty Partnership

DreamItReel Getty Partnership Testimonial

DreamItReel Demo Day Pitch Event

DreamItReel Promo

DreamItReel Social Media Sizzle

DreamItReel Animation Sizzle

DreamItReel Long Format Sizzle

DreamItReel Short Ad

World Help Animation

Women Who Code Event

WOLACO Kickstarter Bloopers Crowdfunding

Epic Impact Ad

WeVoo screencast

WEVO Testimonial

Weepo App Ad

Viacom AdWeek Event

VentureFuel Case Study

Unmetric Animation

Union Crate Animation

Turn Up The Bass Ad

TripActions Case Study

ThermoScanPro Ad

TheExchange Sizzle

The Mission Continues Testimonial

Templerock Event

Tech Day NYC 2018 Event

Tax Explainer Animation

TalentBrowser Explainer

SWAGR Tracking Animation Explainer

SWAGR Explainer

StartupBootcamp Event

SWAGR Sizzle

Stride Animation

Special Offer Ad

SmartGift Stock Explainer

Smart Gift Website Sizzle

Small Business Expo Animation

SKR Motion Graphics

Skaled Virtual Sales Academy Module

Skaled Explainer

ShopVenture Animation

Sale Ad

RPA Animation

REVvue Animation

Proxibid Ad

Proof Explainer

Poplr Motion Graphics

Poplr Dubai Holdings Motion Graphics

Outbound Advanced Email Screencast

Outbound & Amplitude Screencast

Outbound Advanced Email Screencast

Orbl App Screencast

Oppenheimer Funds Testimonial

Opening 26APR15 Sizzle

Nantum Animation

1000 Angels Motion Graphics

Marriott Flywheel Case Study

Marriott ALP Case Study

Experian Loyalty Animation

Logo Animation Sizzle

DIR Bumper Sizzle

Justworks HR Tools and Compliance Support Screencast

Justworks Mural Sizzle

Justworks Coffee Case Study

Justworks Extended Screencast

Justworks Coffee Philly Activation Case Study

Justworks Coffee LA Philly Case Study

Justworks Advertising Case Study

Justworks Branding Case Study

JustWomen DC Event

Joyme GDC Explainer

iP Explainer Animation

Indicate Media Testimonial XXS Screencast

Hyphenate Animation

Diligent Boards Questionnaire Motion Graphics

Diligent Boards Contacts Motion Graphics

Hello From Tomorrow Sizzle

Greta Van Susteren‏ Book Motion Graphics

Gravitational Marketing Testimonial

Diligent E-book Motion Graphics

Good Apple Case Study

Getty/Conde Naste Event

Getty Images Premium Access Sizzle

Getty Images Oscars Hidden Figures Sizzle

Getty Images Oscars Sizzle

Getty Images Oscars Hacksawridge Sizzle

Getty Images Legacy Collection Sizzle

Getty Images Premium Access Screencast

Getty Images Visceral 5 Senses Sizzle

Getty Images The Nordics Sizzle

Getty Images March Madness Sizzle

General Assembly 2017 Closing Animation

Getty Images 4K Sizzle

Getty Images 360 Motion Graphics

Getty Images 360 Sizzle

Getty Images Conde Nast Wall Display

Geocaching Screencast

Fundera Animation Ad

Fujitsu ScanSnap Short Ad

Fujitsu ScanSnap Long Ad

Frontier Animation

Frontier Dispute Animation

Flowity Animation

FanEx App Motion Graphics

Estimize Animation

Epic Impact Eric Allred Testimonial

Epic Impact Bryan Hurlman Testimonial

Emoji Motion Graphics

DxNow Explainer

GoPro Motocross Sizzle

Dot Eco Animation

Docmaster Explainer

Diligent User Conference Event Sizzle

Diligent Lightning Strikes

Daxtra Technologies Explainer

Daxtra Website Sizzle

Diligent Customer Feature Screencast

Conversation One Ad

Cognizant/McDonalds Animation

CoFoundersLab Extended Explainer

CoFoundersLab Success Stories Testimonial

CoFoundersLab Explainer

CoFounderLabs Learning Module

CECP Testimonial

Capital Cube Animation

Campus Pursuit Kind Case Study

Amper Explainer

AMICA Getting Married Animation

Accugenomics Explainer

AARP Smishing Animation

AARP Hack-a-thon Event

1000 Angels Module Crowdfunding

NYME Event

FilesAnywhere Animation

RR Donnelley Animation

Wash Best Practices Animation

Toto Drake Toilet Ad

Sterling PR Short Sizzle

Sterling PR Long Sizzle

Steinway Spirio Horizontal Ad

Shiphero Testimonial

Shelton Real Estate Testimonial

Seidler Chemical Company Testimonial

SeedInvest Press Sizzle

SafeSpeed Ad

Project for Public Spaces Testimonial

Porcelanosa Sizzle

Plum Island Drone Sizzle

PIC Launch Sizzle

Nate Howard Press Sizzle

Natalie Zfat Speaker Sizzle

Natalie Minh Fitness Sizzle

Natalie Jill Sizzle

Meatpacking District Case Study

Measure Commercial Drone Sizzle

Measure Live Action Drone Sizzle

Measure Drone Real Estate Sizzle

Executive Speakers Matt Dixon Testimonial

Lunar Scooters Crowdfunding

Louisiana River Adventure Sizzle

Lateral Labs Waco Event

Ladders Explainer

Jewish Federation General Assembly Event

John Amatulli Testimonial

Jewish Federation Social Facts Animation

Jewish Federation GA 2017 Closing Animation

Jewish Federation Animation

Jewish Federation AC Social Facts Animation

Have Friends Will Travel Sizzle

Granma Copia Lavoro Movie Trailer

Golf Course Real Estate Sizzle

Goalcast Sunscreen Motion Graphics

GigaWax Sizzle

From Jersey With Love Crowdfunding

Forto Dog Walker Testimonial

Fontallica Motion Graphics Ad

Flex Town Animation

Mazuri Facebook Livestream

Dalite ProSeries Motion Graphics

Culture FX Connect Website Sizzle

Culture FX Connect Sizzle

Culture FX Home Page Sizzle

Culture – FX Website Sizzle

Crown Acquisitions Case Study

COX Sports Animation

Cox Dispute Animation

Cox Commitment Animation

Corporate Gift Animation

Connective Contacts Animation

Brunchwork Event

Brooklyn Army Terminal Sizzle

Better Beehive Crowdfunding

Asset Dynamics Animation

Ashkenazy Acquisitions Motion Graphics

ADD Systems Animation

NY Drone Sizzle

Acti-Gel Ad

Sterling Johnston & Associates Sizzle

Population Media Center Explainer

Junkluggers Testimonial

Measure Media Sizzle

ParkAveTavern Sizzle

Kimpton LaPeer Testimonial

Kimpton Branding Case Study

Kimpton Sizzle

Food Network Sandra’s Restaurant Remakes Sizzle

Cuisine of the Sun Crowdfunding

Cruiseo Animation

Cocktails With Chris Manhattan Testimonial

Chefs Cycle Ad

Yahoo Travel Cayman Chefs Editorial

ASTA #TravelHero Case Study

Andrew Harper Ad

ASTA Global Flight 2020 Event

Wellthie Selling Screencast

Wellthie Quote Management Screencast

Wellthie Quote Management Screencast

Wellthie Affordable Care Advisor Screencast

Wellthie Breaks it Down Testimonial

Wellthie Health Insurance Terms Testimonial

Sentry Motion Graphics

GSK Testimonial

Roman Fixing Ad

Roman Branding Case Study

ROMAN Agency Award Case Study

Republic.Co Motion Graphics

Merck QSIP Batch Disposition Redesign Testimonial

Merck QSIP Animation

Merck QSIP Quality Risk Management Testimonial

Merck QSIP Quality Council Redesign Testimonial

Merck QSIP Back to Basics Testimonial

HSS Testimonial

GeneYes Explainer

FERTILEPLUS Training Explainer

FERTILE Training Explainer

Cystadane Training Animation

Cystadane MOA Spanish Animation

Alere Case Study Animation

Interim Physicians Explainer

Recordati Is It AIP? Animation

Active Mineral Motion Graphics

Lung Health Institute Testimonial

Mednasc Explainer

Sentry Sizzle

Merck QSIP Restart Sizzle

Cystadane Animation

UrbanDaddy Mount Gay Case Study

Taste of Soul Atlanta Event

SodaScan Animation

76ers SHOPRITE Smart Meals EP 4

Pints N Paws Event

In Good Company Sizzle

Icelandic Provisions Digital Unit Ad

Historic Sanford Ad

Have Friends Will Travel Spicy Chicken Stew Sizzle

Grand Marnier Ad

Doritos Ad

Butello Animation

Booze Carriage Animation

Arizona Good Brew Case Study

Angry Orchard Editorial

YMCA Togetherhood Case Study

YMCA Groves Hero Of The Heart Award Case Study

YMCA Akron Case Study

Getty Images Oklahoma & Villanvoa Sizzle

NJ Devils Injury Testimonial

NJ Devils The Mental Battle Testimonial

NJ Devils Return To The Ice Testimonial

My Core Health Testimonial

Getty Images Legends of March Madness Sizzle

YMCA J Douglas Williams Testimonial

Insider Training Sizzle

Insider Training Explainer

Getty Images March Madness Sizzle

Crazy Bulk Testimonial

CoachUP Testimonial

Getty March Madness Buddy Hield Sizzle

76ers Training Complex Sizzle

76ers Bluecoats Sizzle

BIA Motion Graphics

76ers Toyota Case Study

76ers MLK Sizzle

76ers MLK Case Study

76ers Hall of Fame Mo Cheeks Sizzle

76ers Four’N Twenty Case Study

76ers Chick-Fill-A Case Study

76ers Biking Do’s and Don’ts Editorial

15 Day Diet Plan Motion Graphics

My Core Health Ad

Purple Ad

Vag*** PSA Ad

Skylit Ad

Sherwin Williams Minwax Case Study

PureWow Sizzle

Motorbunny Ad

Home Happy Team Animation

Mazava Factory Sizzle

Lola Ad

InStyle Becca Mineral Blush Editorial

Marja Chef Sizzle

Mack Weldon Ad

Briogeo Educational Module

ATEM Case Study

ATEM Instagram Ad

Betches Editorial

Beiersdorf Aquaphor Eucerin Case Study

Alka-White Micro Ad

Zap Explainer

Your Daily Dish Editorial

Yahoo Travel Islamorada Editorial

Yahoo Travel Porsche Spain Editorial

Wizo Cover Video Sizzle

Vanity Fair Hive Trump Editorial

Vanity Fair Hive Sarah Huckabee Sander Editorial

Vanity Fair Hive Clinton Editorial

Vanity Fair Hive Rex Tillerson Editorial

Vanity Fair Hive Gary Cohn Editorial

ASTA Vacation Do Over Phase 2 Case Study

ASTA Vacation Do Over Phase 1 Case Study

Tough Mudder Sizzle

Tangalooma New Years 2016 Sizzle

NZ & Australia Snowboarding Sizzle

New York Time BrandStudio Sizzle

MKTO Sizzle

Microtrends Squared Animation

Maleroom Motion Graphics

MaleRoom Episode 2

Maleroom Episode 1

Jordan Ferraro Acting Sizzle

EQ Reality Show Crowdfunding

EQ Docuseries Crowdfunding

Whitsundays Australia Travel Sizzle

Davidsbeenhere Travel Sizzle

Crescendorks Sizzle

Colorado Trip Sizzle

Burma Sizzle

Briar Woods Prom Event

Break n Waves Event

Boredom Therapy Editorial

Blake Schwartz Acting Sizzle

Ben Jett Music Video

Beaver Creek Sizzle

Bacon Is Magic How to Make Pickled Blueberries Editorial

Wedding Sizzle

Bacon Is Magic YYC Eats Editorial

Bacon Is Magic Simmons Building Editorial

Bacon Is Magic Duck Breast Editorial

ABCs of Attraction Cosplay Editorial

ABCs of Attraction Best and Worst Pickup Lines Editorial

ABCs of Attraction Asian Women Editorial

VandaHart Editorial

Adventures in Time Sizzle

Getty Images Year in Focus Sizzle

Epic Impact Module

Graduation Event Sizzle

Ed2go Townhall 2019 Motion Graphics

Ed2go Town Hall 2018 Motion Graphics

Aware Migrants Crowd Funding

MovementBe Explainer

Ed2Go MyCAA Ad

Univar ProTraining User Screencast

Univar ProTraining Administrator Screencast

Stellour English Animation

Stellour Chinese Animation

Ed2go Animation

CCFR Announcement Animation

HondaCare Maintenance Animation

HondaCare Vehicle Service Contract Animation