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Reasons to Outsource Your Video Making

Video is how people choose to consume content online these days. Which is why your business needs a video marketing strategy. Getting people to pay attention to what you’re saying is difficult, especially when there is so much content out there. Something like 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube each day; TikTok has millions of users uploading video each day. So does Facebook and Instagram. 

It’s not enough to just make videos and post them online. You need to produce attention-grabbing, entertaining videos that effectively deliver your message. 

Going viral is great, but that video also needs to meet your objectives to be an effective marketing tool.

So, how do you get a video that people want to watch, and that helps achieve the goals you’ve set in your marketing strategy? 

There are three options for a business: build an in-house video production team; assign video duties on top of a person’s existing responsibilities, or outsource to a video production company. There are several advantages to this approach, compared to building an in-house video production team. 

Save Money 

Outsourcing your video production needs can save your business money in the short term, especially when you are starting from zero with video. Yes, hiring a production team will indeed be more expensive over the long term on a per-video basis. But consider the upfront costs to get comparable results. You’ll need to purchase motion-specific cameras and lenses, which come in at about $10,000 for a camera and lens combo even at the low end of the scale. Then you’ll need lights and sound equipment, too. For editing, you’ll need software like Premiere Pro. DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut X plus a high-powered computer to run it.

But none of this equipment is any good without people who know how to use it. So you’ll need to hire staff with video production experience or be willing to train existing staff. And even then, there’s a good chance that your first few videos still won’t look as good as they would have if you had hired an experienced and professional video production company. 

Another benefit of outsourcing is that you’re only paying for these skilled and experienced video creators while they’re actually working on a video. Compare that to a salaried in-house production staff, which you need to pay for even when they aren’t working on a video. 

Save time

Picture this: you have a great plan for creating videos and even have a script ready. All you need is a team to create the video. You could hire a video marketing specialist or train your team to make videos. And in six months or so, they might be ready to produce your idea to a level you feel is acceptable. 

Or you could hire a video production company with a good reputation for quality work and get started on that project right away. 

The time savings of outsourcing is one of its more attractive selling points. Not only do you save time compared to building an in-house team, but the actual production time will likely be shorter as well since their experience has taught them how to be efficient. 

Even if you have a marketing team keen to take on video production duties, outsourcing the task will free up their time to work on other things. 

Experience and Skill

Hiring a video production company with a proven track record of creating great content is like taking the fast lane to your video marketing goals. Why? Because they’ve got the skills and experience to know what works. From scripting through to editing and distribution, their skills and experience will save you time and money. How? Learning and gaining experience is about making mistakes. An experienced production team is well past this initial learning point. Compare this to resting video in-house, where you have to accept that there will be a period where mistakes will be made while the team gets up to speed. 

By outsourcing, you’ll also save yourself the hassle of vetting, hiring, and training an in-house team. 

Quality results

The experience mentioned above leads to quality results. In addition to experience, there’s something else at play: focus. A dedicated video creator can focus on improving their craft and building on their skillset. They can also dedicate all their energy to the aspect of video production that they specialize in. This is especially true in larger production houses, with larger crews that have people who specialize in camera, lights, sound, editing, etc. 

When your marketing department is producing videos, they are able to specialize in the same way. Often, video is just one aspect of a multifaceted job. As keen as they may be, the job requirements mean they can’t dedicate the same energy to making videos that a dedicated production team can. 

Access to specialized personnel and skills 

If one video needs a motion graphics artist, a video production team can make that happen. In-house, you would need to hire that person or go through the process of finding a skilled freelancer, which takes time and effort for the management team that can be saved by outsourcing

A video production company has a network of industry contacts they can call on when needed. This, in effect, expands their capabilities and allows them to offer specialized services for videos that would be far harder for you to source on your own. You not only need to know where to look to find the appropriate talent, but you also need to know what to look for when hiring a freelancer. 

Better Equipment and Facilities

Making good videos isn’t about the equipment, any more than making a good meal is about the stove you use. That said, a smartphone and available light will only get you so far. When you need a video with higher production quality, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment. Or you could just hire a production company that already has all that equipment, along with the know-how to make the most of it. 

A Different Perspective

Outside talent will provide you with a different perspective on your business. A production company will work to learn about your business so that they can provide a great final product, but they also look at the company through an outsider’s eyes. This can be useful for identifying blind spots within the company and offering a customer’s perspective on your products and services.

Video production companies are, through experience and research, aware of what works and what doesn’t. As a matter of necessity, they keep up to date with video-making trends and best practices. They know what works and what doesn’t and can help you figure out the best way to get your video noticed. 

Improve Visibility

Creating compelling video is a specialized skill set that requires practice to get right. When you hire a video production service, you’re skipping the learning period and trial and error videos that happen when setting up an in-house production team. 

Increase Capacity

Even if you have an in-house video team, you can still benefit from outsourcing. This is a good way to add capacity on an as-needed basis for large projects. Outsourcing can also help fill gaps in your team when you require specialized skills, such as VFX or motion graphics.

One of the benefits of using a hybrid model, with an in-house team and outside production company, is that you can regularly produce content – such as social media videos – in-house and use the production company for higher-budget productions. 

Bring Your Vision to Life

A video production company is great at bringing ideas to life. And marketing departments are great at coming up with ideas. Outsourcing video can be a great way to form a creative partnership, where ideas are created in-house and executed by an external team of experts. 

By using the services of an experienced team of professionals, your idea isn’t distorted by a lack of skills or technical know-how. The result is a high-quality video that accurately reflects your original vision without compromise. 

Best times to outsource video

There are times when outsourcing is the best solution, even with an in-house team. If, for instance, you need a large number of videos produced at one time, outsourcing is a great solution. This way, the production team can concentrate on creating the video package rather than bogging down your in-house resources. 

When your videos require a high degree of production quality, you should definitely bring in a team of video professionals to create the work. This way, you’ll get the level of quality you need, thanks to the experience of the video team. For all your video production needs, the team at Dream It Reel has you covered.