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Pick the Right Music For Your Video

A video can’t be great unless it has the right music, so here’s an article written by our friends at stock music company TuneFruit about selecting your video’s soundtrack.

The happiest day of your life, captured perfectly. Cameras rolling. Hair perfect. Everybody had a fantastic time. Those brief images on video make a huge impact. Science says that in a fraction of a second your brain decides how it feels about an image, before it even knows what it’s looking at. That’s kind of a big deal, and it means the videos and pictures you choose have a powerful effect on your audience.

What else has this powerful effect on your audience? Music.

Let’s talk about some commonly captured moments and how music can make all the difference.


Ah, the joining of two souls, united in love. (flutter flutter) There’s no better way to underscore such a momentous occasion than with a romantic track. Try highlighting it with a cinematic/orchestral track?. If you’re a minimalist who prefers something simple and stunning, an elegant solo piano  allows the imagery to shine. Look and you will find a track that’ll ‘wed’ with your emotional video and tug at their heartstrings.


Tears of joy are shed. New experiences are on the horizon. “Oh Bill, they grow up so fast!”  They’re ready to take on the world. (…and their own laundry, hopefully.)  Such a mix of emotions, right? Try a piece that adds ‘gravitas’ to this bright new future. Try a classic like Auld Lang Syne. It’s the kind of track that always gets us thinking about things past and future. Too heavy?  Try a more folksy, bitterseet  track like a solo acoustic guitar.


Babies! We all love the little whippersnappers. Go with something cute and happy that really illustrates the joy of baby-ness, like this. Too sunny? Use something tender, orchestral or acoustic. Ain’t it precious?


Need something that says, “We’re still a little new to this, but our love’s grown up just like us”? Try wholesome acoustic tracks. Maybe something that says, “We’ve been at this for a long time now, but I still love you just as much as I did when we first met”?  Here you go, something like this.


You’re on the road again! Family time? Adventurous? Try something contented. Perhaps it’s a bittersweet occasion, like a tearful goodbye. Search and you will find fantastic music for travelers.

Homecoming Celebrations:

I’m talking about reunions. Military men and women back home with their loved ones. kids back from college (with laundry).  How to underscore such a joy and relief-filled occasion? Perhaps something orchestral and soaring, or something optimistic that says we’re all safe and secure.

Think about your favorite movie. I’ll bet the music had a huge impact on how you felt during the emotional scenes. Try watching it again on mute this time. Not quite the same, because the music you choose for your video is just as important as the images they support.