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People Making it Real: Editor Spotlight


Something we want to make sure we do on this blog is highlight some of the amazing people we work with. DreamItReel is all about connecting our passionate users with our amazing video experts and together we all make amazing stories.

One of our favorite editing pros is named Patrick and he’s become our go-to guy for high quality video work. He can do it all. Whether it’s action sports, an intimate wedding, or a YouTube vlog, he is guaranteed to make your video special.

Born and raised in, England, Patrick’s love of travel and food drove him to a nomad lifestyle exploring different countries and cultures in South East Asia and capturing his experiences through photography and video. Recently, he settled in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and plans to stay there for the time being.

Patrick spent 6 and a half years working at a television company in London where he honed his professional editing skills and realized his passion for telling people’s stories through video.

DreamItReel has allowed Patrick to do just that as he excels at taking our users’ footage and crafting it into something unique and expertly-crafted that they can save and share. Check out a few examples of his work and let us know if you’d like Patrick to edit your next project.