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Mother’s Day Video Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This year, don’t wait until the last second and then get mom something cheap and forgettable. Video is as popular and accessible as ever, why not make her a special Mother’s Day video gift that she’ll be able to keep and treasure forever?

Before we share some ideas, let’s get the plug out of the way. DreamItReel is a simple and affordable platform for getting high quality video editing. Whatever your video needs are, we have the solution. But whether you come to DreamItReel or edit it yourself, here are some fun and unique videos that make a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

1. Remember When?

Send mom back in time by digging up some old home videos and slicing them up to highlight your family’s favorite moments. Giving her the opportunity to relive the good old days is a surefire way to impress and delight.

2. Photo Collage

By the same token, you’ve probably got tons of great photos of you, your siblings, and your parents. Put them in chronological order, set it to music, and watch your family grow up from the beginning all the way up to today.

3. Music Video

Pick a special song for mom, set up your camera, and bust out a killer lip syncing performance. Mix in some old home movies or photos and you’ve got your own music video that mom will go crazy over.

4. News Report

Get behind the desk, do your best anchor impression, and “report” on why your mom is the greatest. Brothers and sisters become correspondents and dad can make a “breaking” appearance.

5. Recreate That Moment

Find a special home video that the whole family remembers and loves and reenact it with the cast all grown up. Bonus points if you can find the same clothes and props.

6. Just Say Hi

A simple video saying hi and wishing a Happy Mother’s Day can go a long way, especially if you don’t get to see her every day. Pick out some nice music and maybe some old footage or photos and you’ve got a unique video greeting card that will have more of an impact than anything Hallmark can offer.

That should give you some ideas, so get shooting! A video gift is a great way to give mom an emotional gift that she’ll cherish.

If you decide to let DreamItReel help you craft the perfect video gift, you can use coupon code MOTHER for 15% off.