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Micro Video: What Is It For?

For several years now, short videos have been dominating the web. If you were around back when Vine was popular, then you’re not new to the idea that short videos can be hugely successful vehicles for communication. But with the rise of platforms like TikTok, short-form content is growing in popularity. Decreasing attention spans in combination with shrinking marketing budgets are the perfect recipe for short video success. But what is micro video exactly, and do you know if it’s right for your business? Plenty of well-known brands are already using these short videos to reach their customers. For affordable, bite-sized video content that’s full of personality, you can’t do better than micro videos.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is micro video?

Don’t worry, micro video is not a mysterious new nanotechnology. It’s exactly what it sounds like. They are very short videos, usually between five and 15 seconds. They are typically created inside, or posted to, social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. 

Gen Z influencers are pioneering the form of short videos with bite-sized social commentary and meme-like videos. Micro videos can include anything from a product review, a dance move, on-screen captions, or something else.

Does micro video work?

Yes! Micro videos can work really well depending on your company’s goals. There are some things that short videos excel at. For instance, micro videos are naturally better at grabbing people’s attention. With only a few seconds to get your message across, short videos are highly crafted and full of personality. You’re not going to illustrate a whole use case in a short video. But you could use a series of brief videos to show your brand’s personality. Is your product moody and brooding? Is it bright and joyful? There’s a lot you can do in eight seconds to get eyes on your product and communicate your brand values. 

For short attention spans, you really can’t do better than micro videos. You could create a series of short videos that show each of your product’s features. Work with influencers to create a comedic or lifestyle series of short videos around your company’s brand. 

Short videos ask you to use your audience’s time well. Make a point and make it boldly.

Is micro video right for my company?

Possibly. There are short video formats that could work for pretty much every company. For instance, many media organizations create micro videos for Facebook’s newsfeed. In just fifteen seconds, they deliver a headline with a statistic, video footage, and on-screen captions of why it matters. 

Major companies like Lowe’s and Oreo are using short videos to successfully reach customers with brief, branded content. Micro video could be a great way for your company to get started with video marketing. You can take a lifestyle angle and show people using your product, or you could take a content marketing angle and provide short-form helpful tips that your target audience would find valuable.

Ultimately, there are a lot of benefits to be gained by implementing a marketing strategy based on short videos. It can be highly cost-effective, for one. Secondly, micro videos are a great way to target Gen Z and millennial customers. With the right series of short videos, your brand can stand out, show off, and make bank. All in under fifteen seconds. Sound good?

Micro videos are the next big wave of video marketing, so don’t wait for your competitors to get the edge on you. If your company is ready to explore a micro video strategy, start a project with our team of content creators and media strategists.