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Instagram Video Ideas to Help Your SMB Boost Sales

It’s no secret that Instagram is a popular place to do business. From product placement in the Shop tab to influencer marketing, Instagram is a powerful way to connect with potential customers. But there are lots of ways to boost sales for your small or mid-sized business on Instagram without directly promoting your products. 

Here’s how to use an Instagram video marketing strategy to grow your revenue. Keep in mind that Instagram is a long game. The algorithm is quick to respond to consistent posting, but it takes some time for people to build trust. If you can post regularly and inspire strong engagement, then Instagram videos could soon become a key driver of business growth.

Types of videos available on Instagram

Let’s begin by understanding the different types of videos you can publish on Instagram. You can publish videos directly to your main feed, which comes with a length limit. You can record or upload videos to your Stories or re-share main feed videos to your Stories.

There are also Reels, which you can record in the app or with pre-recorded videos. Reels allow you to access Instagram’s editing tools like AR filters, text on videos, music, and more. This type of video shows up in your main feed and can help your profile get discovered in the Reels tab of the app. There is also IG Live: real-time video broadcasts that expire in 24 hours, and IGTV, which is for pre-recorded videos that do not disappear. 

But wait! Align your business goals with your content strategy

Trends are important, but you shouldn’t follow them blindly. Only create content that speaks to the needs of your audience and fits with your brand image. That being said, there is a strong business for the use of videos in your marketing strategy.

The amount of time people spend watching videos on Instagram has increased by 80%. Videos can help people understand your product and feel connected to your brand. Plus, video posts typically get a higher engagement rate (38%, to be exact) than posts with images. If you want to get more eyes on your business—and you’re prepared to follow through with engagement—then video marketing on Instagram could be a great fit for your SMB.

One final tip: you don’t have to create your own videos in-house to benefit from video marketing on Instagram! Many SMBs don’t have the dedicated staff to conceptualize, shoot, and edit the amount of content required to make an impact on Instagram. Instead, work with a company like DreamItReel. You get to outsource your production to a trusted partner while still reaping the benefits of IG video marketing.

Video ideas to boost your sales

It’s important to point out that the Instagram algorithm loves people. Specifically, it loves human faces. Ensure your video strategy is founded on content that features real people, not just animated content, to get the most return on your investment. 

With Instagram videos, remember: you only have a few seconds to make an impression. Make sure you don’t bury the lede. Foreground the humor, lead with quirk, and showcase all the epic shots or styled shoots that make your brand shine.

Q&A Videos

If your engagement rates are still quite low, then people may need to get to know you before investing in your products and services. Film a Q&A video answering FAQs. Post a poll in your stories asking people to input questions. This type of video should be personable yet professional, providing real value while highlighting other resources on your website or elsewhere. 

Unboxing Videos

If you sell a tangible product, then unboxing videos are a gold mine. Either work with real customers (or influencers) to record them unboxing your product or film a scripted unboxing video to showcase specific features exactly the way you want. 

Testimonials and Reviews

Instagram is, at its core, a peer-to-peer platform. Most people on IG prefer to hear directly from real individuals versus a company mouthpiece. Your SMB could share video testimonials and customer reviews, tapping into the peer-to-peer angle while still highlighting your UVP.

Product Launches

Everybody likes shiny things. They also love when someone is excited about something. Create a video that announces the launch of a new product. Embrace the cool factor and embody confidence. Give just enough information that people will tap the link in your bio after watching the video to learn more.

How-to Videos

Create short, sweet, and entertaining videos that demonstrate how to use your product or service. People love tips and tricks, and a well-shot video with clever edits can make you go viral. 

UGC (User-Generated Content)

Don’t forget about UGC! Run a contest or invite your followers to submit video content to be featured on your page. Remember, Instagram is all about person-to-person conversations. Even if your business has a hundred employees and a million-dollar marketing budget, your Instagram followers want to see real people when they scroll through their feed. Invite your community to submit video content that brings a fresh, community-oriented message to your Instagram feed.
Ready to get started? Reach out to DreamItReel today, and our team of content strategists, producers, and editors will guide you through the process.