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How Agencies Like Yours Can Keep Up in the Video Marketing Marathon

Video is dominating the world of marketing. 

But as an agency, this is no surprise. You know video’s impact on businesses that use video marketing. You know it works.

And with 76 percent of businesses reporting an increase in traffic due to video alone, there’s no sign of this powerful video storm dissipating any time soon.

In fact, of the businesses that hadn’t yet added video in 2018, 65 percent planned on doing so — and 99 percent of those already doing video planned to continue.

So, in a world where both your clients and their customers want more video, all the time, how can your agency deliver professionally crafted, custom video marketing content that is both timely and high-quality enough to get the results that your clients expect? 

Consider Your Options

You could add a video production team to your staff – but that invites a whole host of hurdles to overcome. Even assuming your agency is financially ready to just jump up and enact an operational expansion like this, how many bodies is the right number to make up your newly hired team? Where will you find experienced professionals to hire? How many contractors, such as voice-work professionals, will you also need to enlist? And then, what happens if your client is across state lines or even on another continent? What if you need to produce a video in a foreign language? The litany of complications quickly gets overwhelming. 

Traditional video production companies sound like a good option on the surface – however, without going into a lot of detail…

  • They tend to be expensive.
  • They tend to work on projects with a much longer development window than should be reasonably expected in today’s marketing environment.
  • They still operate in a very traditional way, where they focus on a few select projects and aren’t built to scale.  

Well, then, boutique video agencies it is, right? Not so fast. If they’re too small, you run into the same geographic limitations mentioned above. You may also have to contract with several to ensure you have access to all the specialties necessary for all the types of videos your clients want to use. The more agencies in the picture, the more you have to explain your clients’ objectives. And with duplicate conversations across all vendors, that leaves considerable room for error. Especially if they aren’t talking to one another. You can find yourself going through countless rounds of quality control just to ensure consistency across the projects and that your clients’ objectives are being met. 

So where does this leave you?

Right on our doorstep, at the intersection of quality and scale.

DreamItReel is a video production company like you’ve never experienced before, but at the same time, we’re surprisingly familiar. 

What’s New

DreamItReel is quite simply your agency’s best go-to for video production services. Whether you need a single video, a series or even want our services white labeled, we do it all. Our expansive handpicked network of creatives allows us to complete projects quickly and at the highest level of quality – which gives you a competitive edge in the current landscape. You can affordably scale your deliverables up and make use of specific skills you may not have on your team. And, since our network is global, there’s no client or project your agency can’t reach.  

Just as important as talent are the tools, including our new BriefBuilder. Built to help create custom crafted video at the blazing speed of social. Our capabilities include video editing, animation, video production, color correction, talent sourcing, audio, and more.

Finally, the real-time review and collaboration tool we provide makes it effortless to post comments, share with other team members, and approve final notes. And our virtual model allows us to offer competitive pricing and the highest levels of cost-efficiency. 

What’s Familiar

DreamItReel has grown big enough to take on large-scale projects while keeping things small enough to give each client our personal attention. Just as you probably do at your agency, we partner each client with one of our account managers, who in turn works with our curated group of video pros, including content strategists, copywriters, creative producers, voiceover artists, editors, animators, and videographers. Our vetted talent typically has five to seven years of experience and has been fully tested by us. And because they’re all managed through our dedicated creative managers, we can guarantee our work, ensure efficiencies of both time and cost, and expand your reach.

What It Means

But, hey – this is a blog post about videos. To really understand what we’re about, watch our videos and see if you can envision your clients in our work.  We’ll even supply a list of criteria for you to consider:

  • There are about 12 different kinds of videos produced for marketing purposes. How many do you see here?
  • How’s the production quality look to you?
  • From a marketing standpoint, do you feel you can quickly identify the goal of each video?
  • Does each video seem to be specifically designed for each client? 

While you’re watching, keep a couple more facts in mind:

  • Our videos have been seen by more than 10 million viewers across all digital platforms.
  • 69 percent of our clients become repeat customers.

We’d love to work with your agency, too. Contact us to get started.