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Video Tips for Bloggers and Vloggers: Consistency


I spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. You probably do, too, but fortunately for me it’s part of my job. I’m always hunting for the next big video trend and trying to discover up-and-coming vloggers that we might want to work with.

This research has helped me understand what makes a successful YouTube channel and how to succeed when launching your own vlog. I want to share some of these tips with you here, starting with consistency.

Having a video go viral is great. You’ll get lots of exposure and drive tons of traffic to your other videos. But once you’ve got an audience interested in your content, the tricky part is to keep them coming back. This is achieved largely through consistently releasing content.

If you’re putting out new stuff on random days and times, users will trickle in here and there. But if your viewers know that every Monday morning they can watch a new video from you, they’re much more likely to return week after week. This scheduling tactic puts your audience into a routine and lets the anticipation build in a cycle.

This method also makes it easier to set a promotion schedule and strategy. Your social media posts, blogs, videos, etc. can become a well oiled machine that is easy for both you and your audience to follow.

Consistency is also important when it comes to the content itself. If 5 minute cooking videos are working for you, don’t suddenly start releasing 30 minute movie reviews. I’m not saying don’t experiment – it’s good to try new things – but make subtle changes or release bonus content between your main videos to test something new. That way you can stick to what you know works and maintain your core viewers.

Many underestimate the power of a consistent release schedule, but look no further than big media for proof that it works. Talk shows are on every week day, sitcoms air the same day and time each week, and movies always come out right before the weekend. Being part of your audience’s routine is an invaluable accomplishment. If you can produce great content and release it on a regular basis, people will notice and keep coming back.