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Cinemagraphs: Where Photo and Video Collide

Remember portraits that moved and came alive in Harry Potter? Well that’s now a reality and you don’t need a magic want to make it happen.

You may know about Apple’s “Live Photos” which capture a few seconds of video on either side of a picture you take. This creates a mini-video that provides more context for your photos. It’s a fun little feature, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of use outside of Apple products.

There’s another moving photo trend that allows for a lot more artistic freedom. They’re called cinemagraphs and they wonderfully combine the best that both still photos and moving video have to offer.

Here’s an example we whipped up:

Cinemagraphs are 90% photography in that they use a static camera angle, letting the creator (cinemagrapher?) use their composition and lighting skills to capture a perfect frame. But, they also bring in that added element of subtle movement. This brings the image to life, drawing your attention and almost forcing you to sit and stare.

And while Live Photos are restricted to Apple Products, cinemagraphs can be created as a GIF, mp4, or any other video type.

Because of the way they engage the viewer, these images are great for ads and landing pages. The unique look and feel will pull them in and make them linger, giving you a few extra seconds to win that next interaction.

We’re getting ready to roll out cinemagraphs as part of our offerings as well as tool for marketing, social media,and general photo/video hybrid fun.

How would you use cinemagraphs?