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A split image showing an animated video versus a man in a suit being interviewed

When to Use Animation vs. Live Action or Stock

If you’re looking to make a video for your company, you need to decide between animation vs. live action. Which one will resonate best with your audience? Should you blend them? There are some situations where one option could be more appropriate. It all depends

A person with short hair sits at a desk looking at a large desktop Mac. A camera is pointed at them on a tripod.

Using Stock Video to Create Your Own Production

Stock video refers to pre-shot footage that can be used for multiple projects. For instance, if you needed a shot of the Amazon rainforest, you could utilize stock footage instead of having to go there and film it yourself. Unfortunately, many people hold a common

Three multiethnic women smile and look at a smartphone together. In the background are tropical trees behind a window.

Shelf Life of Video Content vs. Static Image Content

If you want to make a long-term investment in content, then you need to think about videos. There is a surprisingly stark difference in shelf life between video content and static image content. With images, you need to re-shoot more often to get a fresh

A smartphone on a whitewashed wood tabletop with handcolored social media icons on pink word bubbles

4 Tools for Posting Video Content to Social Media

Social media platforms are great for connecting with customers, but they can be a hassle to maintain. Scheduling tools like ViralTag, Buffer, Zoho, and Later allow you to schedule and organize your content before it gets posted to social media. Businesses use these tools to

A blond woman holds up her phone and looks at it.

Why You Need More Than Photos for eCommerce Websites

You need amazing content. You have some great photos for your product listings, but the ROI just isn’t cutting it. And how do those shoppable videos work? You need more than photos for eCommerce websites. Videos increase conversion and consumer confidence at much higher rates than

A man in a suit looks at his phone on a train platform. He wears sunglasses and two yellow trains are on the tracks to the left and right of him.

Micro Video: What Is It For?

For several years now, short videos have been dominating the web. If you were around back when Vine was popular, then you’re not new to the idea that short videos can be hugely successful vehicles for communication. But with the rise of platforms like TikTok,

A film shoot is in progress. One white man holds a camera in the background and a Black man in the foreground films them with a camera on his shoulder.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Video?

You may have seen prices ranging from $2k to $200k for an explainer video. You’re probably wondering about the Grand-Canyon-sized range. Should a simple one-minute video really cost $200,000 to make? In some cases, yes, but it’s more complicated than that. Let’s explore the true cost

A graphic of a computer screen with a video player.

How to Choose the Right Channels for Your Videos

Many businesses use videos as part of their content strategy (if you don’t, you should!). Once you have created your video masterpiece, there is still one more crucial decision that awaits you: Where will this video live? It’s time to choose the right channels for

Getting People to Watch Your Video

Here’s the scenario: you made a video and you know it’s awesome. But how can you make sure people will actually stop and watch? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. But there are steps you can take to improve your chances of getting more eyeballs glued