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A Guide to Authentically Inclusive Marketing Videos

What if you could build connections with a broader population to make more consumers feel valued and want to support your business? Being inclusive involves adding more representation of different ages, genders, races, abilities, sexual orientations to make your marketing story more accessible to a

Instagram is a popular place to do business

Instagram Video Ideas to Help Your SMB Boost Sales

It’s no secret that Instagram is a popular place to do business. From product placement in the Shop tab to influencer marketing, Instagram is a powerful way to connect with potential customers. But there are lots of ways to boost sales for your small or

a man looks thoughtfully at a wall with ideas and papers taped up

How to Plan Your 2021 Video Content

If your business could brainstorm some New Year’s resolutions, what do you think it would say? It would probably come up with ideas not too different from a real human being’s resolutions: look better, work smarter, and keep on growing. With a single strategy, your

a man in a business suit, snorkel mask, and plastic tube crosses a street

What It Takes to Make a Viral Video

Every company wants their video to go viral, but in truth, it’s only a few that ever reach the status of the Old Spice Man campaign. While there are some things you can control—like making a really great video—that alone won’t make it go viral. 

Silent video recording studio

Silent Videos? Where and How to Use Them

Video can still be an effective marketing tool, even without sound. Despite what you might think, there are a lot of instances where silent videos are more effective for user engagement than their audible counterparts. If your marketing team is developing sound-only video content, you

A split image showing an animated video versus a man in a suit being interviewed

When to Use Animation vs. Live Action or Stock

If you’re looking to make a video for your company, you need to decide between animation vs. live action. Which one will resonate best with your audience? Should you blend them? There are some situations where one option could be more appropriate. It all depends