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Avoid These Classic Video SEO Pitfalls

Every business wants to be at the top of the list. That’s why it’s important to play the SEO game to earn your website more traffic and active consumers. While you count on videos to share your brand messages, you also need to focus on tags and descriptions to improve your SEO ranking. Beyond creating powerful, high-quality videos that are punchy, informative, and interesting to your audiences, it’s essential that you implement video SEO strategies to get the most out of your content. 

Video Search Engine Optimization can be an impactful way to attract more viewers to your website and other platforms—if done correctly. Often, media creators will invest in fantastic video content, but it fails to achieve their video SEO goals, making it less effective than it could be. 

The best way to make progress is by learning from mistakes, right? Consider these common video SEO mistakes so you can know what to avoid when creating your brand’s video content: 

Don’t Exempt Metadata in Your Video SEO

There’s much more to uploading video content than merely loading it onto a page and calling it complete. Often, creators will overlook the technical elements that could improve your online web ranking. By including video metadata information, you can help search engines find your website more easily. Metadata offers context to your content. You are helping sort your content in the vast universe of the world wide web, so be specific and include key terms related to your content and organization.

Consider these tips for including metadata in your video upload: 

  • Include source metadata, (your file type, camera used to film, date of production)
  • Included added metadata (write your video subject using SEO keywords that will help your target audience find your content)
  • Implement SEO keywords into your post’s description, tags, title, and video transcript to help you rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages)

Beyond metadata, you could further boost your SERP ranking by creating a video sitemap, including your metadata and tags. This will help search engines navigate your website for easier informatino retrieval. 

Overcluttered Pages with Unrelated Videos

Videos are a helpful way to draw more attention to your website. For that reason, uploaders may congest their webpages with several videos with the belief that the more videos in one post, the more visitors it will earn. Well, video SEO doesn’t quite work that way.

When uploading any content, search engines will rank your page according to its quality and proper SEO methods. As you practice video SEO, consider these questions when uploading one or more videos on a page: Does it flow correctly with the surrounding content? Do all those videos make sense being in one place? 

It’s also worth noting that search engines more commonly acknowledge the first uploaded video on your page, so the rest of your produced media may be overlooked. However, by practicing proper video SEO, you could end up making a more dynamic website as you disperse your videos throughout your pages to use them in related contexts. Let each video that you’ve invested so much time, money, and effort into shine on your website. 

Forgetting Surrounding Text

Unfortunately, a video floating on a webpage is not quite enough when aiming for video SEO. You need to add context to your media to earn more traffic and appeal to your content viewers. Why did your business create this video? What should I know about its subject before clicking “play?” 

Add detailed text around your video that includes embedded SEO techniques and also informs your website visitors. Give your viewers the “why” of your content. Give it purpose to add more importance to your content. Your viewers will recognize its value and become more invested by looking at more of your uploads, sharing your video to create more web traffic, or buying your product. 

Appealing to Search Engines Over People

Many content creators get too invested in appealing to algorithms that they forget to create content for people to appreciate. As much as you want to list high on SERPs with your video SEO practices, remember that your business relies on people to support it. It’s vital to make memorable videos sharing your business goals and brand messaging to build a loyal audience. Website visits are great, but earning high conversion rates where people buy or act after seeing your content, is the real mission. 

Keep your content appealing to your target audience. Create quality videos that will load effectively for convenient watching, and use engaging filmmaking techniques to make a memorable impact on your viewers. 

Limiting Your Upload Locations

While a YouTube channel is excellent for sharing your media and building a following, you have more options. You may have to adapt your messaging to appeal to YouTube’s ranking, like plugging unrelated sponsors or showing ads, which could impair how viewers perceive your content. 

Share your videos through your social media accounts, your website, and other valuable video-sharing platforms. 

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