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ATTENTION Agencies: White-Labeled Video Solutions Explained

Marketing firms that want to get into video, but don’t have the resources to dive in and start producing high quality videos that their clients demand, should consider white-label video services. It’s the fastest and easiest way to provide quality services while boosting your brand’s reputation as a full-service marketing agency. 

White-label is when a company provides a product (or service) to another company, who then package and brand the product as their own. In video services, the agency deals with the client, then contracts the services to a video production company while branding the final product with their agency label. 

Benefits for Marketing Agencies

For marketing agencies, outsourcing video production services while branding the service as their own has several benefits. It will bolster the brand’s reputation as a one-stop source of solutions, which can help to build loyalty among customers. 

The real benefit, especially for lean and smaller agencies, is administrative and cost savings that come with outsourcing. The agency gets all the benefits of providing quality video services and is likely to be very involved in the process. But the firm doesn’t need to staff video professionals, nor do they need to build a collection of often expensive video gear, such as cameras, lenses, lighting, rigging, and editing suites. Instead, these costs are paid for on an as-needed basis. 

Experience and professional results are another major benefit of developing a white-label relationship with a video production company. These companies have put the time and effort into developing their skills and raising their production values. While it’s entirely possible to build an equally skilled in-house video production crew, it will take a lot of time and company resources to find and hire these people. For smaller agencies, this often isn’t practical. 

The other benefit of developing white label partnerships with other firms is the freedom it affords your agency to focus on the quality of your core services or niche. 

Sourcing White Label Services

Not all video production companies offer white label services. Some companies prefer to have their work branded with their own label. This is especially true of companies looking to build their reputation and client list. It makes sense–if you do great work but don’t put your name on it, it’s hard to spread the word about the quality of your output. Companies with this mindset are still worth partnering with, but you will likely need to share credit for any work done. 

Other firms, however, take a different approach. Some may target agencies looking for white label services, while others may offer a mix of branded and white label products. 

Service agencies take different approaches to offer white-label services. Some make it a part of their core offering. These companies are easy to find with a simple internet search. If, however, you have a company in mind that you’d like to work with but are unsure of their approach to white label services, you could always ask. 

What to Look for in a White Label Service Provider

Here are some things to consider when looking for a white-label service provider. 

Goals. The companies you work with to produce work for clients should have the same goals you do. Working with people who have the same mindset as you and your firm will reduce potential friction points. 

Reputation. Because you’re repackaging this work as your own, you want the work to be as good as it can be. Research the company to see if their reputation meets your standards of excellence. 

Organization. Does the company have clear processes in place? How well do they communicate during projects? These are things you need to find out before signing any contracts. 

Referrals. Asking for referrals will get you the answer to many of the above questions. What you find out from these referrals – ideally, other agencies seeking white label services – you will be able to determine whether or not the firm is a good fit for our needs. 

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