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Add Revenue Streams by Using Video Content Marketing

With so many people appreciating the convenience of digital consumerism, people are buying online on a frequent basis. You can reach your audience by investing in your digital presence, which will lead to more exposure, more website traffic, and more sales. To start this chain effect, you’ll need engaging content that will catch your online audience’s attention. 

Video content marketing is an excellent way to draw attention from people who are scrolling through their smartphones or computers for entertainment and information. Through videos, you have more of an opportunity to share your brand voice and create content that will build intrigue around your business. 

You have several options on how to approach your video content marketing. You’ll want to choose a style or theme that will promote your products and services in an attention-grabbing and accessible way. Keep in mind that some content may be more effective depending on your industry and your audience. You’ll want to choose videos that are on-brand and share what your business offers to consumers. 

Ultimately, your goal is to generate revenue. Consider these types of online video content marketing that will bring more appeal to your business and increase your revenue streams: 

Online Courses Using Video Content

In any industry, there is room to educate your audience. From tech, media, hospitality, and more, you can share your business’s insights through educational videos. Developing online course content through video content is an engaging way to appeal to a target audience of people invested in your industry. 

An educational video series will help your business establish a loyal following and generate revenue as you charge viewers for your informational courses. They can learn from your videos and appreciate the personal and professional gain that you offer for a price. Your lessons can also open more opportunities to sell to your paying learner as you demonstrate the value of your company’s services and products. 

Subscriptions to Video Content Marketing

If you plan on sharing video series, you could build a platform of people who will be willing to pay for access to your content. Through online video content posted by organizations, consumers can find discounted services that they would have to pay a fortune for in-person. Suppose you are a fitness company sharing training videos. In that case, your audience will be willing to pay for the video channel subscription as long as it’s cheaper than the hundreds spent on gym memberships, in-person classes, or personal training sessions. 

As long as you create quality content and focus on appealing to your target subscribers, you could expand your brand following and earn high revenue from your videos alone. On top of that, your loyal subscribers will feel more attached to your business which will motivate them to invest in your products. 

Pay Per View Video Content Marketing

Sometimes it’s worth investing in one incredible video campaign. Rather than a video series, you may opt for investing in creating an impactful video or sharing unique content like short films, or filmed performances like plays or concerts, or interviews, and more. You could acquire high revenue by charging viewers a small fee to view your impactful video content. On the other hand, consider renting your in-demand video content so people can have access to it for some time. This is a smart, profitable strategy if you don’t regularly publish videos. 

Gated Video Content

Gated video content marketing involves allowing your viewers to watch your posts only after they’ve offered some information for your marketing. Your audience will need to register in some way, submitting information that could help you hone who your target demographic is for future content creation. Using your video content viewers’ data, you can also share promotional content or provide updates when you publish more content like what they’ve watched in the past. By having access to your viewers, you could build your loyal consumer base and notice more sales revenue. 

Watch Parties 

Why not party with your consumers? Watch parties make excellent video content, especially if your business is involved in an industry that often includes events and media that your consumers enjoy watching. Through watch party video content marketing, you can connect with your audience as you host a virtual gathering of people enjoying the same movies, tv, events, etc. This is a subtle way to promote your business and expose your brand to a broader audience. You’ll also have plenty of content to share following your watch party, like highlights and takeaways, that will continue the conversation around your organization and keep your watch parties invested. 

Ready to build more revenue with your quality, on-brand video content marketing? Let our Dream It Reel creators help you plan the best projects to project your brand and earn higher profits. We will cover every stage of your video production to ensure you have standout videos to expand your audience and generate your business growth. 

Lights, camera, time to take action!