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4 Ideas For Your Next DreamItReel Video

Looking for inspiration for your next video? Here are 4 types of videos DreamItReel can help you produce using footage you already have.

1. A Collaborative Wedding Video

If you’ve been to a wedding lately, you probably guests spending half their time taking videos and photos. But what happens to all of that footage? Some will find its way to social media but most of it will sit on all of those individual phones and devices.

But you can fix that! DreamItReel can help you combine all of that footage into a unique wedding video with many different perspectives. You can relive the special day through the eyes of friends and loved ones, not through the lens of an expensive videographer.

Check out our infographic from last week to learn more and contact us if you need some advice or help getting the footage together.

2. Home Movies with Style

We know you parents out there love to film everything in sight when it comes to your kids. But as with the weddings, that footage often gets lost in the abyss. Why not give it to DreamItReel and receive a professionally crafted video that turns your family into movie stars?

Whether it’s a specific event like a party or a trip, or you just want to recap the last year of videos that has stacked up, we can tell your story and create the perfect video keepsake.

3. Video Content For Your Business

Video is great because it’s engaging and complex, yet fun and easy to digest. This makes it a perfect venue to showcase your business or website. You can discuss your product, highlight your accomplishments, or pull the curtain back with something more personal and behind the scenes.

Crafting videos for bloggers, companies, and other professionals is one of our specialties. We love helping to tell the story of your brand and giving your community something informative and entertaining.

4. A Unique Gift

Finding a gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other occasion can be a real pain. Even more so when you want to give something meaningful and special.

But a video from DreamItReel is easy to get, 100% unique, and it can be saved and shared forever. It’s a perfect gift for your parents, significant other, best friend, anyone that you have lots of videos with.

So dig through your hard drive, purge your phone, and get all those memories over to us. Our expert video storytellers will do the rest.