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4 Awesome iPhone 7 Features for Video Creation

Being a video storyteller just got easier. Apple’s recent keynote unveiling of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices brought new features to the smartphone, including its camera. Here are 4 new features that make creating high quality productions better for amateurs and professionals alike.

1. Depth of Field

The depth of field effect occurs in an image when there is a sharp contrast between an object in focus and the surrounding out-of-focus elements. The iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera system creates this effect that was typically accomplished only with DSLRs and other higher-end cameras.

2. ƒ/1.8 Aperture

The new cameras feature an aperture (the hole in the lens that lets in light) of f/1.8. This is a big step from the previous iPhone, capturing 50% more light than the 6S. This will make shooting in low-light much easier and result in better dark footage.

3. Dual Camera (7 Plus)

The dual camera is only available on the iPhone 7 Plus, but it’s a supreme feature if you opt for the more expensive model. By having both a 28mm wide angle and a 60mm lens, you are able to zoom in 2x without any quality loss. The dual camera setup is also what enables the depth of field effect.

4. A10 Fusion Processor

The A10 Fusion Processor is Apple’s first quad-core mobile processor. It boasts a 40% increase in CPU performance and 50% in graphics performance compared to its predecessor found in the iPhone 6. Its sophisticated architecture allows it to be incredibly efficient, knowing when to use more power and when to use less.

With each new iteration, Apple’s mobile devices continue to threaten professional camera equipment, and these updates might be their most impressive yet. With depth of field, wider aperture, and the dual lenses, it won’t be long before iPhone and DSLR footage will be indistinguishable.