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A split image showing an animated video versus a man in a suit being interviewed

When to Use Animation vs. Live Action or Stock

If you’re looking to make a video for your company, you need to decide between animation vs. live action. Which one will resonate best with your audience? Should you blend them? There are some situations where one option could be more appropriate. It all depends

A person with short hair sits at a desk looking at a large desktop Mac. A camera is pointed at them on a tripod.

Using Stock Video to Create Your Own Production

Stock video refers to pre-shot footage that can be used for multiple projects. For instance, if you needed a shot of the Amazon rainforest, you could utilize stock footage instead of having to go there and film it yourself. Unfortunately, many people hold a common

Three multiethnic women smile and look at a smartphone together. In the background are tropical trees behind a window.

Shelf Life of Video Content vs. Static Image Content

If you want to make a long-term investment in content, then you need to think about videos. There is a surprisingly stark difference in shelf life between video content and static image content. With images, you need to re-shoot more often to get a fresh